About Us

Rawdhatul Uloom is an Islamic Primary School which was established in 1992 in Blackburn, providing primary education to children aged 4 to 11 years of age in a caring Islamic environment..

Rawdhatul uloom is a non-profit making, community based institution, run under the UK registered charity “Siddiqiyya Educational Trust” (Charity Commission reg. no: 1110960).

Alhamdulillah (All praise is to ALLAH) over the years, we have developed a comprehensive Islamic education program with education taught to DFE standards and final registration was achieved on 7th January 2000.

“Rawdhatul Uloom” in Arabic means: “The Garden of Knowledge” a name given by Sheikh Maulana Abrarul Haqq Sahib of Hardoi, India.

How the school came into existence

Approximately 25 years ago, a concerned Muslim parent living in Blackburn whose daughter was about to reach the age of 5 was greatly concerned regarding her upbringing. The mentality prevalent during that time was that education in a secular/state school will suffice and it was this concern that planted the seeds of Rawdhatul Uloom Islamic Primary School.

Therefore, he made a journey to India to meet the great personalities [M. Maseehullah Khan Sahib, M. Mohammad Ahmad Sahib, M. Abrar Ul Haq Sahib, M. Ali Miah Sahib & M. Qamaruzamaan Sahib] to request their pious and humble duas (prayers) and to seek advice from them as to what to do with regards to his young daughter, and how he should seek guidance in regards to this great concern.

Eventually their efforts and tearful duas brought this school into existence (through the will of ALLAH).

Most would think that thousands of pounds and a great building were needed to initiate a school. Upon further research, we found that you could start a schooling system in your very own home!

The Principal, Ma shaa Allah (with the will of ALLAH), who has a connection with the pious personalities, took charge of the school and forged ahead with hard work and zeal until a time came when the school became too small to accommodate the growing number of children.

Establishing strong foundations for the future endeavours of our students in the community, and providing a solid stepping stone.

Instilling and upholding Islamic values such as tawakkul, honesty, dedication and patience into our students.

Providing Islamic and National Curriculum education up to high standards within an Islamic environment.

A Caring Environment

Providing a caring environment which, through focused individual attention, promotes disciplined and respectful behaviour.

Pursuit of Excellence

Encouraging the pursuit of excellence and rewarding outstanding effort.

Tailored Education

Allowing students to advance according to their individual capabilities bestowed upon them by Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala.

Full Potential Development

Providing the means for all students to realise their full potential.