Our Mission

To provide education in Islamic Studies and the National Curriculum to the highest possible standards in an Islamic environment suitable for any child irrespective of background or origin at a tuition fee rate that is both affordable and viable in relation to these objectives; and in doing so, ensuring that the Islamic nature of the School takes precedence over all other considerations.

To lay the best possible foundation for our students by way of good example and comprehensive and balanced Islamically oriented education so that they can move forward successfully into higher education and vocational endeavours and ultimately take their place as an integral part of the diverse multicultural society of Great Britain as confident, contributing Muslims who will be very much part of the solution to the ills of society and not part of the problem; while being ever mindful of the hereafter.

Our aim is to nurture both the spirit and the mind so that our children grow up as well rounded individuals.

The fundamental intention for establishing Rawdhatul Uloom Islamic Primary School is that of the protection of Imaan thereby preserving the conviction that Allah is the Doer, Provider, Sustainer and Controller. The dependence of Muslims should be upon Allah alone, as the instruments or means employed are actually the Will of Allah.

Concurrent with this indispensable and all-important intention is the development of love for Rasulullah (sallalahu alayhi wasallam) and his Practices in the hearts of the learners.

The foundation of the Islamic schools is based on the firm belief that Islamic education has to be combined with academic education for the child to be truly successful. Its mission is to help the pupils to become academically on par with the best and thoroughly Islamic in conduct.