Jazakallahu Khairan (May ALLAH reward you with goodness) for showing an interest in Rawdhatul Uloom Islamic Primary School as a place for your child to learn and grow! Rawdhatul Uloom Islamic School strives for learners who will develop to their fullest potential.

Visit Us

Choosing the right school is such a major decision for any family and we appreciate that you will need to take your time to look around and learn as much as you can about our school before making your decision. Interested parents are cordially invited to contact the school to make an appointment to view and discuss, in depth, the information outlined within the website and enquire into any other matter related to the education of their children. A visit whilst the school is in operation is preferable as it illustrates the happy, caring, family atmosphere which pervades the school. Your personal tour will provide you with the opportunity to view our facilities and meet our excellent teachers.

Selection policy – Admission is on the basis of assessment and behaviour but no pupil will be disadvantaged by the school by virtue of gender, race, religion or disability.

Reasons to come

What makes us different is that we are an Islamic Primary school and offer an environment where children can develop into conscious and practical muslims who will help meet the needs of children, young people, their families, and the wider community. The school is open from 8.35am and closes at 3.10pm on Monday to Thursday and on Friday the school closes at 12.00pm, offering opening hours to suit the needs of most working parents.

At Rawdhatul Uloom Islamic Independent Primary School, our purpose is to enable children to fulfil their potential. To help us to do that, our class sizes are no more than 25 children.

The school’s aim is to achieve the academic potential of each student and to further their religious and social development, making them happy and confident individuals who are well prepared for the future. We will encourage them in a love of GOD, independent thought, curiosity and learning, which will help them grow in self-worth and confidence within a caring, safe and supportive environment. We aim for all children to feel safe and valued as part of a caring community that celebrates success. We want our pupils to be god-fearing thinkers/learners who are able to seek solutions creatively and co-operatively. We will inspire our pupils to enable them to ask questions and be confident enough to take risks in their learning. We encourage all pupils to be polite and courteous and be proactive in their responsibilities towards the community, society, the environment and economy, linking ‘real life’ with our learning. We instill an understanding and respect for diversity and help them develop a sense of self-esteem and therefore creating well balanced and healthy individuals.

How to apply for your child

Please contact the school either via email ( or telephone (01254 670017) and make an arrangement to come and visit the school, as stated above. Once happy about the school, then complete an admissions form (link below).

When the admission form is received, then depending upon the time of the year and the number of spaces available, the school will contact you.

Fee Structure

Please note that the fee schedule is fully inclusive of the following:-

  • Admission fee
  • Tuition fee

Extras are as follows:

  • School trips/Educational outings/End of year activities

Please click on the link and complete the admission form: